Public room in connection with dining room are the perfect place forvarious social events and trainings that you can organize with us. The maximumcapacity of the proceedings of social event is 50 persons, insofar as you usedining room for dining and public room for entertainment and training. 


Under individual agreement, we can provide decoration of wedding hall,festive menu, refreshment for wedding guests. Festive wedding feast menu isonly served in the dining area, the living room is reserved for parquet dancearea with music (DJ or live music).


Trainings are conducted in the public room with acapacity of 30 persons. In the public room there are provided satellite TV, DVDplayer, projection screen and flipchart, in all areas there is free wi-fiinternet connection provided. At the reception it is possible to copydocuments. During the training are refreshments served in the public room,while breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the dining room.  Your other requirements we ensure as agreed.